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At Demolition Pros, we offer our customers the highest standard of service in the area. When you need to remove a structure from your property, reach out to us. Maybe you’re making way for a new construction project, or an outdated building or feature has become unsafe. Whatever your reasons are, you can count on us to be your dedicated demolition contractors on the South Shore. Our friendly professionals have the expertise it takes to perform demolition work safely and efficiently. Leave the job to us for quality you can count on.

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    Demolition Contractor Brockton MA

    Our locally owned company takes pride in doing excellent work for customers throughout the communities we serve. When you call us, you get hard-working pros who complete the job on schedule. We understand that time is of the essence, especially if you are clearing the land for new construction. As your contractors, we ensure that your plans proceed on time. Let us show you the commitment to high quality that has established our reputation as a preferred local demolition company.

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    Experienced Residential Demolition Contractors

    Demolition is a tough job that takes planning and familiarity with the process to do properly. Sure, it looks easier to tear something down than to build it, but there’s more to it than that. The job needs to be properly assessed for safety, especially if the structure contains potentially dangerous substances such as asbestos. After that, there’s the business of collecting and hauling away the debris.

    When you are deciding between residential demolition contractors, make sure you go with someone who understands the necessary precautions before and during the actual labor. With us, you can be confident you’ve selected a company that will finish the project carefully and without causing additional damage or releasing pollutants to the surrounding property.

    By the time we are finished, your post-demo residence will be clear and ready for whatever you have planned next. Throughout the project, we coordinate closely with you so that the work causes minimal disruption and stays on the course you need it to. We never forget that’s it’s your home, and we take our obligation to homeowners seriously. Choose us for thorough demolition with a spotless finish.

    Our Available Services:

    We also provide the following local demolition services:

    • Shed Demolition and Removal
    • Fence Demolition and Removal
    • Swimming Pool demolition
    • Concrete demolition
    • Floor demolition
    • Interior demolition
    • Residential demolition
    • Building demolition
    • Garage demolition
    • Small house demolition
    • Selective demolition
    • Patio demolition
    • Deck demolition
    • Porch demolition

    If you are online on the South Shore and looking up “residential demolition services near me” or “building demolition near me” you’ve come to the right place! Reach out today for a great competitive quote for our Local Demolition Contractor services!


    We are confident that when you choose us, you’ll be happy with the results. We are the right team for you when you want a company that is:

    • Licensed & Insured
    • Locally Owned & Operated
    • Committed to Integrity 
    • Deeply Familiar with Full and Partial Demo
    • Trustworthy & Reliable
    • Compliant with Local Codes
    • Focused on Safety and Efficiency

    Local Demolition Company

    We are local demolition contractors servicing Brockton, MA. As locals ourselves, we understand the importance of treating our friends and neighbors throughout our service area right. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation by providing high-quality work for a fair, competitive price. From the beginning, we felt that the best way to earn repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals was to dedicate ourselves to the task at hand and exceed customer expectations. That’s the philosophy that we still carry into each project.

    Whatever your needs are, we are ready to take care of them. Our company specializes in smaller structure demolition. Ideal for homeowners who want to make the most of their property’s available space, the services we provide are the ideal solution for thorough demolition. Our professionals have the attention to detail and expertise it takes to make each project a success. We are here to take your call and review the details of your request the next time you need demolition services.

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    Interior Demolition

    Are you planning an interior renovation? Turn to us to clear out your space so you can bring your design ideas to life. Whether you’ve just purchased a fixer-upper or you’re ready to transform your existing property, our services make way for what’s next. However targeted or extensive your interior demolition needs are, we make sure that we stay on track so that you can move on to the updates you have in mind.

    A renovation is a major investment in your space, and our services are the first step in your plans. Our goal is to achieve your total satisfaction with demolition work that keeps things progressing smoothly. Our team will remove and haul away unwanted features, materials, and waste, and you can expect courteous service throughout the project. Don’t hesitate to call our office if you want to go over the details of your interior renovation needs.

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    Non-Building Demolition Services

    Our team is the one to trust when it’s time to get rid of a feature of your property that no longer serves a useful purpose. As a property owner, you want to get the best use of your space. So when there’s a feature that doesn’t meet your needs or has become obsolete or unsafe, it’s time to let us remove it for you. We work promptly and are always careful to leave each property in great shape. We work hard so that our customers won’t have to worry about debris, rusty old hardware, or other unwanted leftovers from demolished structures.

    The services we offer are all about restoring some aspect of your property to a blank slate for your future plans. Our team gets your space ready, whether the next stage of your plans is scheduled for the immediate future or a later date. A few examples of the non-building features we remove are:

    • Pools
    • Decks
    • Fences
    • Patios
    • Brick & Stone Walls
    • Garages
    • Sheds


    Selective Demolition

    garage demolition south shore

    Sometimes, you only need to eliminate one part of an existing structure. Selective, or partial, demolition jobs require a skilled team who can surgically remove a smaller portion or portions without damaging the areas around it. You can depend on us for selective demolition services that are carried out with expert speed and precision. At our company, we prioritize caution. There’s always an inherent risk in construction and demolition projects, and that’s why it pays to choose pros who avoid the costly pitfalls that amateurs might leave with you. We are committed to partial demos that meet your exact expectations.

    Our company wants to be the partner you can rely on to set your upcoming project on track for success. The experienced professionals on our team work hard to prevent delays and unnecessary damage and messes. On our team, there’s no room for any standard other than the best, and we hold ourselves highly accountable to every customer.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition

    Say goodbye to outdated fixtures and unsightly materials when you call us to work in your kitchen or bathroom. For many homeowners, having new flooring, cabinetry, and other features goes a long way toward reaching the ideal of the dream home. In fact, real estate agents will often tell you that attractive, functional kitchens and bathrooms are often a home’s biggest selling points. We get it. So when you need to gut your existing kitchen and bathrooms, we waste no time removing the parts you can’t use anymore.

    As experienced kitchen and bathroom demolition contractors, we understand how important these rooms are to you. We work quickly to get your space ready for new sinks, countertops, flooring, lighting, shelving, and more. When you are remodeling, the name of the game is “out with the old and in with the new.” One call to us, and you can have a kitchen and bathrooms that are ready to accommodate your plans.


    It is not easy to find an honest and reliable contractor, but I did. They went above and beyond to make sure I am completely satisfied with the results. The crew was efficient, professional, and pays a lot of attention to details.

    ~ Steven L.

    I just used these guys to demolish my garage, they were easy to work with, very efficient, reasonably priced, and hauled the stuff away and leveled the lot. I couldn't be happier!

    ~ Claudine P.

    They gave me a free estimate. The price was reasonable. Workers showed up on time ready to work. Requested floor removal in my basement and they got the job done within one hour.

    ~ Peter D.


    Our Customers Come First!

    There’s no shortage of contractors to choose from when you need demolition work. Of course, quantity does not equal quality. You need a demolition company that will do the job according to your standards. At our company, the customer always comes first. Whatever the job calls for, we never accept anything less than excellence. Demolition is difficult work that takes experience to do properly. And for years, we have continually demonstrated a track record of success.

    We look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your upcoming project. Your complete satisfaction with our demolition services is among our top priorities. At Demolition Pros, our South Shore crew is determined to establish ourselves as the leading provider of demolition services by always completing each task exactly as the customer envisions it.

    Areas We Service

    Demolition Pros, a division of Mays Property Services, is headquartered in Brockton and offers top-quality service throughout Plymouth County and the South Shore area. Find out why locals prefer our skilled and courteous professionals by calling us the next time your plans require demolition. We’ll plan a convenient time that keeps your project on schedule for any following stages. With us, you can expect a punctual crew that wastes no time clearing the way for what you’ve got planned for your property. What’s more, we carefully remove all debris for a clean worksite.

    Please call us or fill out our contact form to receive your free estimate on any of our demolition services. We welcome the opportunity to serve our clients in the South Shore, MA, area.